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a Brilliant Gamble Online

an Online Course designed to help you achieve your dreams

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What is a Brilliant Gamble Online?

Stick to your New Years Resolution in 2019

Do you want to change your life?  Not sure how to get there, what action steps to take, where to start…and how to stay motivated? Are you asking “Is this it?”? At a crossroads and keen to make the next stage of your life more about YOU? Want to start living more authentically, with more fun, joy, freedom and control?

You deserve all that and more!

That is where A Brilliant Gamble Online can help you. A Brilliant Gamble Online is a self-paced online course made up of a series of practical and thought-provoking videos and exercises you can work through from the comfort of your own home. It’s specifically to designed to help people like you make big, bold decisions, take control of their life, find more peace, joy, fun, freedom and presence and start living life on their own terms. 

You’ll be guided through the journey from getting clear about what you actually want (rather than what others expect of you!), through to designing your action plan and overcoming the various obstacles, including your own habits and behaviours, which could put you off course. 

With each chapter author, podcaster and coach, Blaire Palmer, guides you through a step by step process to turn your dreams in to a plan, change your mindset so you are no longer in your own way, and change your life from wherever you are now to where you want to be - your ultimate end goal.  

As you tweak and adapt your goal, understand how your beliefs, assumptions and habits hold you back and start taking bold actions to achieve your “Brilliant Gamble”, you will realise anything is achievable!

If you would like to know more information on the journey you will be taken on through this online course or if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact Blaire or read on…

How to change your mindset through a Series of Videos and Exercises

What can you expect from the COurse?

Through a series of 13 videos and exercises, presented by Blaire Palmer,you’ll use tried and tested tools and techniques that not only helped her take her own Brilliant Gambles but have been successfully used by thousands of her clients over the last 20 years. This programme will introduce you to a range of concepts and principles that will allow you to make changes and start a new chapter in your life. These concepts include new ways of thinking, how to step outside your comfort zone, how to be more authentic to who you really are and how to adapt to daily struggles. Reflection is a key part of the learning journey, and this coaching programme will enable you to reflect frequently on lessons learned from past experiences and find more opportunities to reflect day to day in order to create long lasting, sustainable change.

Why not download a free snippet of the Pentagram which will give you an insight into what you can expect from A Brilliant Gamble Online.


When life is busy AND you’re trying to make substantial changes, finding time for a course as well can be tough. That’s why, with A Brilliant Gamble Online, you'll have access to all of these tools as and when you need them…for life! You go at your own pace, working through the videos and exercises at whatever time that suits you – on your commute, early in the morning before any one else is awake, at the weekend. It’s entirely up to you. Start the course and finish the course whenever you want, and because you have unlimited access for life you can return to the videos and exercises whenever you need them to refresh and reinforce what you’re learning, deepen your understanding or when you’re starting the next new adventure.

We know that, from time to time, life can throw us a curveball and an unexpected life event may occur. Simply pause the course and return to it at a later date when it is convenient for you. 

We want you to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams, so you’ll also receive weekly guidance and coaching directly from Blaire by email. With A Brilliant Gamble Online, you have the support when you need it.

Positively Navigate Mid Life Crisis stages and EMbrace Change

A Brilliant Gamble Online has helped countless people to make their dreams a reality.

If you want to change your life, experience more joy, peace, freedom and sense of control, feel more confident to make the right decisions for you and have someone by your side as you grasp the opportunity to make bold choices about your life, this course could be right for you.

Contact Blaire for more information or take the leap of faith and head to our online course platform to enrol today.

Till the end of January, enjoy our special SALE price of £200 or pay in 4 easy instalments of £50 per month.