the podcast

Does work have to be this way? No it doesn’t. You don’t have to sacrifice your soul to be successful in your career. And you don’t have to drop out to find a blend of work and life that works for you.

Each week I talk to people who are proving that the old, 20th century way of working is well past its sell-by-date. I bring you practical ideas about how you can configure a life where work, family and self are integrated seamlessly based on 20 years of coaching clients around the globe.

AND I share what I’m learning from my own digital nomad adventure as I unpick my hardwired working habits...or at least try to! Join me on a quest to find a better way!

The blog

A Brilliant Gamble is all about a blended life. Making a living without forgetting to live. Doing work you love without sacrificing your soul. Being true to yourself without dropping out. Making a big splash without spreading yourself too thin.

True, that’s not how most people live their life. But why should that stop you taking the brilliant gamble on there being a much, much better way?

Each week I'll post fresh ideas, tips and how-tos so that you can start taking a Brilliant Gamble of your own. Plus, stories and life lessons we're learning on The Big Trip. 

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