I'm Blaire Palmer and I am so pleased that you've clicked through from my Psychologies Magazine Facebook Live events. 

A Brilliant Gamble is all about a blended life. Making a living without forgetting to live. Doing work you love without sacrificing your soul. Being true to yourself without dropping out. Making a big splash without spreading yourself too thin. But maybe life doesn’t feel like that at the moment. 

Maybe you’re wondering “Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?”.

No! It isn’t!

And, if you’re here, you don’t think so either. Deep down you suspect there is a way to have a life and a job you love without having to choose between them. The journey to achieving that starts here.

Let’s shake things up - together!

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In my next FB Live we will look at daily practices and habits. Achieving the goal isn’t really the point of A Brilliant Gamble. It’s about feeling the way you want to feel during a journey that never really ends. The habits and practices you incorporate in to your life will help you feel the way you want to feel rather than delay all gratification until some time in the future when life is “perfect” (a time that will never come).

We will talk about morning routines, boundaries and other daily practices that help keep you in alignment, remembering why you’re taking this Gamble in the first place, and bring a sense of peace to every day life. 

Daily Practices & Habits

Friday, December 14th at 7pm GMT
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In my November FB Live we looked at Flow versus Force - the difference between forcing and flowing. Our culture is very dominated by “force” - feel the burn, 99% perspiration, long hours, work hard/play hard. But while you might achieve your goals this way you won’t necessarily find what you truly desire which is often peace, presence and a feeling of freedom (plus the occasional uncontrolled laughter that makes a little bit of wee come out!).

There’s a way of organising yourself to be more in flow even when there’s a lot to do and challenge people to think differently about how they make stuff happen in their lives. 

You can find a reminder of how to float through your day by clicking below. As always, get in touch if you have any questions!


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The pentagram

Here’s the Pentagram model I mentioned during the session!

This features in Chapter 3 of A Brilliant Gamble Online.


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Be Do Have

14 September

Here’s the “feelings list” to help you with the Be-Do-Have exercise. What are the feelings you expect or hope to have when you get to your goals? How can you have those feelings now and through the journey?

If you missed my September Facebook Live event, you can watch a replay here at any time.

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NOW LIVE! ABG Online is a self-paced online programme full of insightful videos, how-tos, resources and support. It’s incredibly helpful for those seeking the perfect personal blend of work, life and self.

If you’d like to hear what our pilot participants have to say about A Brilliant Gamble online, please click here.

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The next cohort of the A Brilliant Gamble Live, our group coaching programme starts mid-January 2019.

ABG Live participants benefit from the self-paced ABG Online programme materials as well as monthly live group coaching sessions and 1:1 support from Blaire. It’s a fantastic programme for those seeking change in their lives.

Click here to see what some of our current cohort say about A Brilliant Gamble Live!


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