On becoming a guinea pig...

Just like you, I'm guilty of finding myself with some very bad work habits. I was working 9 and 10 hour days, checking emails at the weekends and in the evenings, obsessing about work 24/7. Although I was “my own boss” I had been sucked into the Industrial Age conventions of work, just like my clients. I found myself working even harder in an attempt to make enough money so that I could stop working. What sort of a life is that?

So, for the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been actively unpicking the conventions of work in an attempt to reconfigure my own life so that it reflects my real priorities. I’ve “broken” a lot of rules. I’ve taken my child out of school to home educate so that we can spend more time together and I can be involved in her learning and growth. I’ve cut my working hours so that my day is far more flexible and aligned with my values.

And in 2018 I sold the house, bought the campervan and set off with my daughter and 2 dogs on a digital nomad adventure! For 12 months we will be location independent, moving around Europe as the mood and my work takes us. I’ve become a guinea pig in my own experimental quest to rethink the so-called rules of work, unpick as many of the assumptions about how work and life integrate as I can, and discover what the right blend of all my passions and priorities is.

And now I am working with individuals and groups who want to do the same.

photos from the road

Beautiful pictures of lakes and mountains, eating baguettes in a luxurious Parisienne square, my toned and tanned body, lazily slung across the bed ... is NOT what we're about. 

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