How to leave your job - Take things to the next level

Make an exit plan for leaving your job

Are you working your way through my FREE Escape the Rat Race Checklist? Are you ready to take your thinking to the next level and assign milestones to create a truly bespoke exit plan for leaving your corporate job?

The ABG team are hard at work creating a fully interactive KANBAN-based planner in collaboration with our friends at

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Your exit plan in one place

Leaving your job is both exciting and terrifying. There’s so much to do. And, ironically, one of your motivations is to create a life with more balance.

When we began using the system at A Brilliant Gamble we realised it would be the ideal tool for someone leaving their job and making an exit plan. So we created a template which covers ALL 70+ actions and questions to resolve, laid out as a project action plan.


What you get with the The How To Quit Your Job: Transition Roadmap Planner

While I won’t go so far as to say we’ve done the hard part (that’s all you!), we’ve attempted to make the complicated bit a bit less complicated.

When you buy the Transition Roadmap Planner you’ll get a fully interactive cloud-based exit plan for leaving your job:

  • 70+ actions and questions that you need to take to leave your job and start your new venture laid out as a single project

  • Checklists and actions divided up in to categories so you can easily see what you need to do...and in what order

  • Set your own deadlines, milestones and reminders so you never go off track

  • Ability to swap out actions, delete and reorganise your to dos in the way that works for you

  • Attach documents to tasks and link to google docs and other online resources so everything you need is in one place

  • Track what you’ve already done to see your progress

  • Invite others to your project for FREE (partner, colleagues, friends) so that everyone can see what needs to be done AND their own actions (if they have any!)

  • Learn how to manage projects in - leaving your job won’t be the last time you need to get organised and stay on track!

PLUS you’ll get daily emails from me for the first week that explain how to use and how to get the most from the Transition Roadmap Planner.

Feel confident that you know what you need to do and when to do it!

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