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The most important thing I’ve learned is about meeting my own needs and not those of others. Blaire is really engaging and easy to watch.

I really appreciate the way Blaire guides you through the programme steps and shares stories of her own. The online materials are really clear and accessible and I found them very useful.
— Shirley Waklin, Coach
I joined the Brilliant Gamble programme as I’d listened to Blaire’s podcast for over a year and it really resonated with me. I wanted to know more about her journey.

Blaire exemplifies what she talks about [a blended life] and I wanted more.
— Jenn Wicks, Career Coach
As a result of the Brilliant Gamble programme, I’ve already made some pretty big decisions around the next three to five years of my career.

The programme is enormously helpful and helped me make sense of a big career crossroads decision I needed to make. It helped ensure that I followed my intuition and my heart and didn’t force myself into a rational decision-making process.
— Kath Howard, Type of Job Kath Does
Blaire isn’t an ‘online guru’ out to make a buck by selling her opinion of what work life balance should be. She doesn’t preach or pretend to have the perfect one-size-fits-all solution.

She’s a real person and her videos have helped me think deeply about what I want from my life and the next steps that I need to take to achieve my goals. The advice feels like it’s meant for me and not the entire internet.
— Elizabeth Dunne, Freelance Graphic Designer
What I’ve learned from my Brilliant Gambles is that no amount of thinking and planning and preparing changes anything. It’s exciting to dream, of course. But life only starts feeling different when you start making decisions, choosing your state and taking action.

This time next year you could still be struggling to balance it all...or you could be reaping the rewards of your gamble and learning a heck of a lot about yourself in the process.
— Blaire Palmer
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