How To Quit Your Job:
12 Ways to Transition

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How to leave your job

This could be the year you say goodbye to the 9-5.
But how do you exit your corporate job without losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

How do you leave your job and start making money and testing your business idea before you leave all that security behind?

And how do you gain experience, particularly if what you want to do is very different to the job you have today?

How to find an exit strategy that works for you

It’s a scary time! That’s why you need an exit strategy. And because your situation is unique, you need an exit strategy for leaving your job that works for you.

This is why I’ve created the How to Quit Your Job - 12 Ways to Transition course.

12 tried and tested transition strategies to help you leave your job  

I created this course because I wanted to make the process of starting a new venture achievable, even while you’re holding down a full-time job and managing a busy personal life. Luckily, there are a few tried-and-tested options to minimise the risk of failure, allow you to dip your toes in the water, start your business sooner rather than later and begin making real money from your fledgeling venture before actually handing in your notice!

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What’s included in the programme?

This course outlines 12 transition strategies – ways to ease out of the job you have today and in to doing what you love for yourself full time – and helps you work out which ones are right for you.


What you’ll get:

  • 3 fact-filled video tutorials

  • A downloadable workbook

  • A series of emails from me to support you through the programme

  • Advice about creating your action plan

Course Content

Video 1 – Helps you assess your financial situation, understand your appetite for risk, the urgency of your desire to move on and how much time you have to invest in your new venture right now. These factors influence which options are right for you and how long it takes you to fully transition. You’ll complete a four-part questionnaire to give you a clear picture of your options.

Video 2 Goes through each of the 12 Transition Strategies and how to make them work for you. We will explore everything from volunteering as a first step, to “going cold turkey” and everything in between. The accompanying workbook sets out the pros and cons of each strategy AND provides space for you to list your personal pros and cons.

Video 3 Helps you build an action plan with milestones and “triggers” so you know exactly where to begin and how you’ll make the transition, starting today.

By the end of this programme you will…

  • Know about the 12 transition strategies you can use to ease out of your current job and in to your new venture

  • Gain greater self-awareness of your financial situation, your risk tolerance, your sense of urgency and the time you have to invest

  • Assess the pros and cons of each strategy

  • Discover tips about how to make each one work, minimising the cons and making the most of the pros!

  • Choose which action steps to take, in which order and WHEN to take them so that you can leave your job and do what you love for a living with confidence that it can work financially AND that you’ll enjoy the life you’ve created as much as you hope!

  • Have clarity and know where to start straight away!

Come up with a clear strategy to leave your corporate job that minimises risk, stress and complexity. Starting today.