Are you a reluctant midlife entrepreneur?

Are you a reluctant midlife entrepreneur? 

Not all midlife entrepreneurs are living a lifelong dream

Not everyone who starts their own business does so because it’s been a lifelong dream. 

In fact, most of the midlife entrepreneurs I speak to would have preferred to remain in employment if circumstances had allowed. 

But lack of work-life balance, a midlife awakening, a feeling that they didn’t fit anymore and a suspicion that progressing up the corporate ladder will simply mean more sacrifice and compromise means that self-employment is the best option. 

Can you be successful even if you’re a reluctant midlife entrepreneur?

The short answer is Yes. In order to succeed though you’ll need to do a few things - 

  1. Leave well

    I know you’re desperate to get out of your corporate job but don’t leap too fast. The 12 Ways to Transition Programme [LINK] is designed to help you ease out of corporate life and leave your job with the confidence that you’ve got a viable new business to go to. Too many people hand in their resignation and then wonder what they’ll do next. The danger is you end up crawling back to your former employer and asking for you old job back. Make a plan and create something solid to do instead. 

  2. Choose a niche

    Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing a broad new business idea because they think they’ll get more business The opposite is true. Choose a precise customer/client, choose a specific industry to work with, choose a narrow problem that you solve. Research the market to ensure it’s viable and make sure it’s something you care about and can really deliver value in. There are a million coaches, consultants, florists, tech support people, virtual assistants, interior designers out there. But if a midlife female reluctant entrepreneur is looking for support transitioning out of their corporate job, who do they come to? Me!

  3. Learn about business

    Life outside corporate is different to life inside. However much experience you have of playing politics, influencing, running projects, meeting deadlines, addressing audiences, presenting to the board etc, it’s a whole other game outside. Youre fully responsible for bringing in new business and if you don’t, you’re out of business. So use the time before you transition and after to learn about marketing, social media, finances, selling, positioning, branding etc. The learning never stops - I’ve just staarted a marketing course myself. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are at the thing you do, if you can’t run a business you won’t be in business for long. 

  4. Commit

    Even if you didn’t have a dream to run a business since childhood, this can still be a hugely successful and enjoyable adventure. Now you’ve made the decision to do this, go for it! Don’t hold back. Embrace your new life as a business person. Even people who are entrepreneurial by nature have blind spots, aspects of running a business they don’t like or aren’t good at and moments of doubt. They really aren’t different to you. Your big advantage is that you have decades of working experience behind you, a really good network already and the maturity that comes with age. You have every reason to succeed. 

How to quit your job - 12 Ways to Transition Course

If you want more help on how to successfully transition from the corporate world, why not take a look at the How to Quit Your Job - 12 Ways to Transition Course?

This programme is designed specifically to help you ease out of your current job and create a soft landing. I want you to feel confident by the time you hand in your resignation that you have a viable business. 

Through videos and a workbook, plus daily email advice from me, you’ll be guided through the decision-making process so that you choose the right transition strategy for you.